This is the Flatbed attachment, used alonside selected MuckTrucks


The most popular accessory for landscapers and gardeners; the Muck-Truck® Flatbed is perfect for all those awkward loads that cannot be easily carried in the general purpose skip. The Muck-Truck® Flatbed sits above the wheels so that “oversized” loads like pots, paving slabs, bags of sand/cement/compost, drainage pipes, or ornaments can be carried with ease.


Price does not include the Mucktruck and is for the Flatbed attachment only

Muck-Truck® Flatbed

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  • Dimensions (W) 600mm (23.6") (L) 600mm (23.6") (H) 600mm (23.6")
    Weight 25kg
    Capacity 250kg (1/4 tonne)